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Dr Paul Munsanje set up Amara in 2007 and has been working full time between Clinics in Dublin, London and Warsaw ever since. Amara Clinic in Dublin has grown to a team of 10 people with 4 doctors, 4 skin therapists, and the latest and greatest machines to improve skin without surgery. Amara Clinic Dublin is now Ireland’s largest dedicated aesthetic clinic in a 5 storey, 6 treatment room. It sits in a beautiful Georgian building in the heart of dublin 2 on the corner of Fitzwilliam street upper and Baggot street. The Amara Dublin team serves thousands of patients per year. Over 15 years of the doors being open the team are very proud of their 5 star rating on google.

Dr Paul has being training other doctors since 2013 to perform aesthetic treatments.  He has had a philosophy of “Do a little, early, often and varied.” since his first days of injectible treatments. This is how he treats his patients, his team, his wife and family members. 

He has over 2 million views on his youtube channel (@amaravideo) and has recently been featured on the Real housewives of Warsaw as a TV doctor performing treatments in front of 2.5 million viewers.  In the media section you can see some of the press and media interviews Dr Paul has been asked for an opinion on.

Dr Paul and the team love to fully assess their patients. To do this they take all of their concerns and marry them with an objective analysis of their skin using the latest scanning technology. Dr Paul then uses his experienced eye to recommend a plan that will suit the patient, and make the biggest difference to that patient, for the least cost, effort and downtime (preferably zero).

It goes without saying that natural treatments are an absolute minimum standard. Dr Paul has a particular interest in corrective work and offers hyalase for filler dissolving. Amazingly many patients still don’t know that filler can be dissolved in a matter of hours. He often performs treatments for patients who have gone astray in their injectible journey, correcting patients who may for example have been overfilled or overtreated by inexperienced doctors, nurse injectors and unqualified people.

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